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British Bulldogs makes excellent pets and you should consider looking for British Bulldogs for sale here. You have to think carefully and consider whether this kind of dog is suitable for you. British Bulldogs price ranges are around 1k onwards and sometimes can fetch up £2000 for a well certified with certificates. Think about it thoroughly and picture what you are prepared to do for your pet. Just before finding a British Bulldog for sale, be sure that you are efficient enough to properly  

take care of your newly acquired pet, and carry it to the vet if it needs extra attention and care. The British Bulldog is believed to have originated in the British Isle and was used for bull baiting and dog fighting - both extremely inhumane, but very popular sports for a long period in British History until outlawed in the 19th Century. Because of this the breed was selected for its aggression, fearlessness and determination When this was made illegal, the Bulldog became at risk of disappearing but with the determined work of a group of breed enthusiasts developed and improved the breed, many think by crossing it with the Pug which resulted in its much shortened snout. As a result the modern British Bulldog has made a transformation from a fierce bull fighter to friendly and loyal companion. This is a dog breed that has made its mark worldwide and is very popular in the USA.


Life Span:
8-10 years
Litter Size:   
4-5 puppies
Mastiff, AKC Non-Sporting
red, fawn, brindle, white, piebald, yellow or any combination of colors. Solid black color is not considered acceptable in the breed.
Hair Length:       
Moderate Shed
Male Height:   
12-16 inches (31-40 cm) with shorter dogs preferred
Male Weight:   
53-55 pounds (24-25kg)
Female Height:  
12-16 inches (31-40 cm) with shorter dogs preferred
Female Weight:  
49-51 pounds (22-23kg)
Living Area:  
Indoors, good in apartments and small spaces.

Feeding Your British Bulldog

Nutrition is an essential part of bulldog care and what you feed your bulldog can easily result in how healthy or unhealthy your dog may become. Your bulldog's diet should include a lot of the different nutrients that he needs to support his rather massive build and finding the kind of food that can give him all his dietary requirements is essential to his proper growth and health. Along with clean, fresh water, your bulldog should have meals that have the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and even fats. The food you choose for your British Bulldog should also have certain considerations for your pet's age, allergies, special conditions like if your dog is pregnant or sick, and others. You can find well balanced dog food from certain dog food brands in the market but you may need to check the labels on their packages to help you ascertain which one is right for your British Bulldog.

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British Bulldog Grooming

The short and very smooth coat of the British Bulldog is very easy to care for on a regular basis. A stiff bristle brush is all that is needed to gently groom the dog two or three times per week. It is important to keep the skin folds on the face, neck and tail carefully cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any debris and dead hair that may become trapped. This debris can cause irritations, leading to lesions and other infections in the folds of the skin. When cleaning the folds, be sure to wipe first with a slightly damp cloth then follow with a soft towel or dry cloth. Never leave the folds wet or use any type of soap or cleanser, as this can cause irritations and potential allergic reactions. The British Bulldog should only be bathed when required, and never frequently. Bathing too often will dry out the skin and can lead to itchy, flaky and irritated skin.

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The British Bulldog

It is hard to mistake the classic image of the British Bulldog. This square and stout looking dog is very wide and broad, giving the appearance of power and strength even though it is not very tall. The overall impression when looking at an British Bulldog is one of power and dignity, along with maturity and sensibility. The face of the British Bulldog is just as distinctive as its body. The face is brachiocephalic, which means that the muzzle is very short and compressed. More Info...

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